6 Animals That are Eaten Alive by Humans

You’ll never believe #5 and #6!

Did you know that in some parts of the world, animals are eaten alive by humans? Is it because of the freshness, the taste, or just a tradition that has been passed down? For example, there is a dish called Ikizukuri, which is literally a fish served alive. Just picture a fish on a plate, with the head intact, the rest of the body filleted, and everyone once in a while the fish moves around. Can you enjoy eating something like that for dinner? How about Casu Marzu? It translates to rotten cheese. It’s not rotten because it sat around for a few days, but because there are maggots eating it inside out. You might have to be drunk to eat these foods. There are four more animals that people eat alive, so check out the video below.

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